Complete Nylon Coating System

Our proprietary technology allows us to fully encapsulate your steel/copper/aluminum stamping or zinc die casting in any color nylon or polyester.  Full encapsulation means no rack marks or raw material will show after we complete our coating process.   Our system is fully automatic and requires limited labor to apply the coating onto your parts and as a result will be cost competitive globally. 

Dept. of Defense

Approved supplier for shoe  and boot manufactures for the armed forces.  Proudly Made in the USA.   Proprietary attaching equipment available for lease for our speedlace and rivet products.



Intimate Apparel

Full standardized line of rings, slides, and detachable links.   Dye to match colorization available from your color swatch, pantone, or archroma standard.   Customized sizes and shapes available on request.


Fluidized Bed

Fully automatic system to accommodate parts sizes up to 4'x4'x2'.   Customized colors available on request. Applications such as dipped handles for tools,  cages such as football and hockey masks,  and other proprietary products needing our coatings.

OEM Projects

Our engineering team can work with your product development team to discuss coating approaches for your concept or current items needing trial coating runs to authenticate the final product for implementation.  Inquire within