Core Competency

Mini Coating

We have developed equipment that enables us to apply nylon and polyester coatings to metal parts in a very efficient and low cost methodology.   We are able to output 2.5 million parts per day with out current equipment build. Our proprietary technology enables no rack marks and a very durable coating that can withstand the toughest testing procedures in the apparel, automotive, and aerospace industries. 



Our powders are able to be post dyed or pre-colored resins.  This enables flexibility for the fashion client and stability and cost savings for the core client.   Our dying is done in-house to keep strict controls on color continuity.   Our powders are blended and matched up using the latest spectrophotometers,  which enable computer color analysis to ensure proper color saturation.


Attaching Equipment

We designed and developed our own line of equipment to feed and attach specific Department of Defense parts onto uniforms and boots for the armed services.   Based on time studies we have conducted,  our machine statistics enable us to conclude that our machines are the smallest in size,  and fastest at cycling in the market today.   Demonstrations are available by appointment.


Rapid Response and Friendly Customer Service

The customer is #1,  the customer is #1.  We take pride in responding and reacting immediately to any of your needs.  We have your back.  If a machine needs service,  or you need an update on the bill of lading on a recent shipment,  we promise to treat it with urgency every time.